Best Pillow Buying Guide

We sleep for a large part of our lives, so sleeping well is important,

Good pillows are good for sleep. So how to choose a pillow, and what aspects should you pay attention to when choosing a pillow?

How to choose the right pillow

1.Shape of pillow

General pillows are located on the top of the human spine, wrapped around the neck, and consist of 7 vertebrae.

Therefore, how to choose a suitable pillow must be selected first. Generally, the traditional pillow is a headrest at the highest position of the pillow, and the cervical spine is suspended so that the shoulder ligament muscle ligament joint bundle is in a state of tension.

According to ergonomics, the shape of the pillow from the front to the back is the most beneficial to the health of the cervical spine.

2. Pillow height

When choosing a pillow, the height of the pillow is also very important, but the height of the pillow generally varies from person to person, but the higher the pillow, the better.

The height of the pillow is about 8-12 RI. But it also depends on the sleeping posture of each person, and the best choice of pillows is to sleep on the back, sleep on the side, and maintain the normal physiological curvature of the neck.

Therefore, the adult supine pillow is 15-20 cm high, and the pillow height is about 20-15 cm when sleeping on the side.

3. The hardness of the pillow

The hardness of the pillow is also one of the factors that affect the quality of sleep.

Only a little softer, without losing a certain hardness, can reduce the pressure between the pillow and the scalp, and maintain uneven pressure, so that blood circulation can pass through the place with less pressure.

Therefore, when choosing a pillow, the hardness of the pillow is also very important.

4. Material of pillow

The feel of the pillow is also extremely important. In other words, when choosing a pillow, few people pay attention to its material.

However, the material of the general pillow also affects its comfort. In addition to cassia seeds, buckwheat, and other health pillows that help sleep, high-grade slow rebound sponges are also one of the materials. This high-grade slow rebound also has good temperature sensing, which will become softer with increasing temperature, so it can better wrap and support the human body.

5.Width of pillow

The width is also the focus of choosing a pillow. In general, the width of the pillow is preferably wider than the shoulders.

Do not sleep on pillows that are too small, so when you turn over, the pillows cannot support your neck. Besides, small pillows can affect your sleep security.

Therefore, it is recommended that the pillow length for adults should be between 50-70 cm, the width should not be less than 30 cm, and the height should be about 10-15 cm.

Based on the above tips on how to choose a pillow, I believe you can choose a suitable and comfortable pillow to give yourself a restful sleep.